You ever wondered what it all really means

New York!

Last summer i went to New York with a friend, and it turned out to be the greatest trip of my life. I really want to go back there someday, and hopefully ASAP. I didn’t have a good camera then, but I still  got some decent shoots.

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Marshmallows at the beach!

Went to the beach with my girl, a grill and a lot of marshmallows! Turned out pretty great!
























Sex On The Beach

The Woods of Converse

I went for a walk in the woods and found a lot of Converse shoes, i wwwonder where they come from?

A Walk In The Park

Today i went for a walk in a park nearby where i  live, to take some pictures. After 10 min. it started raining, so i did’nt get a lot of shoots, but i hope you’ll enjoy the few i got.

Sunset at “Vesterhavet”

I have spent the last three days with my girlfriend and her family in and a beach house in Løkken. One evening we went to the beach and I brought my camera, this is what came out of it.




From now on this will be a photoblog, with my own pictures as the main content!

It’s a WWWonderfull World

On my trip to Crete, we went on a little cruise. On the crusie we visited the Balos Lagoon and Gramvousa a Venetian Fort, which both are a little heaven on earth. Enjoy the pics!

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WWWeird Shit!

Mr. Menuman

Just WWWondering

When i have a big decision to make i like to go for a walk, and this time i brought my new camera.

My world just turned upside down

Should i jump into the unknown?

Should i jump into the unknown?

I WWWonder if you like the outcome?